Welcome to WebNIC Marketing Affiliate !

Welcome to WebNIC
Marketing Affiliate program!

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Why Join WebNIC Marketing Affiliate?

Extra Incentive Payouts in Cash

The more traffic your website has, the higher the chance for you to get more successful registrations to enjoy extra amount of incentive payouts.

Quick Process Time

We process all campaigns and incentive payouts in a quick and efficient way, so that we can help you get started earning as quickly as possible.

Flexibility & Many Campaigns to Choose From

We have prepared many campaigns in our affiliate program for you to choose from. Advertise and push the sales for a wide variety of domain extensions for your business.

Easy & Convenient Ways to Advertise

You can just grab our done-for-you banners and tracking links and put it into your website, social media, email newsletters, videos or blog posts.

Example Campaigns


1 September 2020 – 30 September 2020

Potential Income:



1 September 2020 – 30 September 2020

Potential Income:



1 September 2020 – 30 September 2020

Potential Income:


Join, promote and earn!

Your website's space is more than just a space!

Tools to Help Your Business Succeed

Beautiful & Attractive Creatives

Our affiliates can unlock campaigns to gain access to many promotional banners and they are all done-for-you, just download and put them into your website. We provide all the most popular banner sizes used, and we can also provide working files if you need them.

Easy-to-use Campaign Dashboard

Our affiliates are given unique login credentials to access all of our campaigns and resources. Easily manage and obtain your affiliate program resources through our simple, yet powerful dashboard. Manage your WebNIC Marketing Affiliate account with ease!

Excellent & High Quality Support

We are dedicated to help our affiliates to achieve success in their businesses. We provide fast turnaround email support to help you solve problems. We also provide tips and best practices to help you succeed in our Marketing Affiliate Program!

How to get started?

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Need help? Contact [email protected] now!

Need help?
Contact [email protected] now!

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