1. Who can become a WebNIC Marketing Affiliate?

We are currently launching the program for WebNIC’s resellers only. However, we do have plans in place to open it to all website owners in the future. Do stay tuned for news from us!

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2. What do I get from becoming an affiliate?

1. Unlock access to multiple campaigns to get free promotional materials to put on your website, with little to no effort. Get the chance to boost your sales through advertising spaces available on your website, and in addition get extra income by earning high incentive payouts.


2. We provide fast turnaround email support to help you solve problems.


3. We support multiple selling channels, including storefront, WHMCS, or your custom API. You do not need to worry whether your system is suitable for you to become our affiliate or not.


4. Quick and flexible money transaction options. Choose your preferred method of receiving the extra incentive/money.


5. Frequent promotion activities for all our products. We want to help you gain more profits and improve sales! Enjoy free to use creatives where you see fit, and a competitive price advantage over competitors. Attractive visuals in your website plus attractive prices, mean that you have a huge advantage over competitors.

3. What if I am unhappy with the affiliate program?

We are sorry that you find our WebNIC Marketing Affiliate program not suitable for you. However, do not worry as we do not impose any penalties or limits on you after joining the program. You can choose to do nothing and leave the account inactive, and you have nothing to lose.

4. Who determines the selling price for the products? How much can I earn?

It is your business, which means you decide your prices. We recommend that you research and sell at an attractive price to secure higher number of registrations.

Set your own margin which you see fit and secure a higher number of registrations to enjoy the extra incentive payouts.

5. What if I need help?

We are always ready to serve you whenever you need it. We provide quick email support whenever you need it.

We promise to deliver a quick and satisfying customer service for any assistance you seek.

Ready to become a WebNIC Marketing Affiliate?

Ready to become
a WebNIC Marketing Affiliate?

Need help? Contact [email protected] now!

Need help?
Contact [email protected] now!